3 Day Puerto Vallarta Photography Retreat, Puerto Vallarta, miércoles, 15. enero 2020

With a maximum of 10 students and nearly 20 hours of instruction you are guaranteed to receive individual attention and personalized lessons tailored to your skill level and interests. 

In this 3 day retreat you will capture the best of what Puerto Vallarta has to offer, from fabulous seascapes, architecture and culture along the Malecón, some of the best food in the world, and stunning sunsets! 

These workshops will leave you feeling confident in your photography techniques and your images will be all the proof you need. You will be able to take what you’ve learned in this retreat and apply it to your personal photography, whether you are trying to get better pictures of your family, are starting a small business or are a hobbyist photographer, you will love this unique photography experience! 

Our course Itinerary is as follows: 
Day One:
Travel Photography:
This course will provide techniques for creating photojournalism type street portraits and scenes, as well as shooting in both harsh and low light, capturing editorial portraits of locals and vendors as well as learning skills like panning and zooming for fun effects. 
Macro photography is shooting close up images, mostly flowers and insects. Learn how to use your current lenses to achieve macro results or get real practice and advice using your macro lenses and tools. Lighting and composition are also key components of this lesson. 

Day Two:
We will start our morning off by discussing successful compositions and practice using tripods and different angles, as well as experimenting with filters and longer exposures for jaw dropping results! Use fast shutter speeds to capture the crashing waves and slow shutter speeds for a professional and fine art look! 
Learn the art of natural light portraits using the sun and shade as well as reflectors and diffusers. You can use this knowledge in future travels and take stunning  portraits with minimal equipment. We will have a model for this course and you will shoot real time portraits with on site instruction.

Day Three:
Delight in the city’s amazing cuisine and dine with friends while learning techniques on capturing the most appetizing and beautiful images of food. We will be learning lighting, composition, angles and must know camera settings! Non photography guests are welcome to join to provide you with additional dishes to practice on! 
Join us on the beach to enjoy the view while capturing the perfect sunset! Learn how different apertures and settings can greatly change the visual effects of your image. Try long exposures after the sun goes down and discover the benefits of HDR photography. Use white balance to control the mood of your sunset, use landscape composition techniches and more! 
Our morning sessions will take place from 10am to 1pm and our afternoon sessions from 2:30pm to 5:30pm (aside from the sunset course which is dependent on sunset time). 
Upon registration, you will recieve a list of equipment recommendations, but feel free to contact us regarding your specific equipment. We will also send you a detailed list of meeting locations for each course and all your need to know information. 
Accommodations are not included in this retreat fee. Participants are expected to prepare their own accommodations if necessary. 

3 Day Puerto Vallarta Photography Retreat



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