Awaken Your Goddess Retreat - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Now Amber Puerto Vallarta, sábado, 21. septiembre 2019

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We live in a culture that tells us we are not enough...not thin enough, not smart enough, not funny enough, not pretty enough.  We are taught to judge & compare ourselves to others, wishing we were different. This has lead to a societal illness of negative self-image. It doesn't matter how we change ourselves to conform, nothing external to ourselves will ever be enough to achieve lasting fulfillment. This isn't just about "she just thinks she isn't pretty enough"...negative self-image has painful consequences and leads to feelings of shame which can result in depression, lack of motivation and overall dissatisfaction in life.  We are here to tell you the truth: The answer you seek resides in your heart, soul, learn to connect to the treasure you already hold. Wake up to the goddess you already are! 

Our goal is deeper self awareness, appreciation and self-love through connecting to your own love source and divine energy within. Through various activities such as an empowering photosession, yoga, mindfulness practices, inspiring discussions, self-reflecting journaling, and real life mind-set practices, you will explore:

• The story you tell yourself about who you are and the story others tell you• Relationships that reinforce your negative self image• Releasing the lies you tell yourself about your body and who you are• Connecting to your body and intuition to guide you to your purpose• Identifying and breaking the habits that are meant to reinforce the lies of negative self image• Being mindful of your inner energy or vibration• Mindful & joyful movement instead of "exercise"• Exploring your relationship with food• Letting your outer beauty reflect what's on the inside• Connecting with your authentic voice of truth• Identifying negative thought patterns and replace with love• Notice how you take up space and stopping shrinking patterns• Being vulnerable and courageous to show up as yourself
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Awaken Your Goddess Retreat - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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