Bodhi Flow with Tizia, Holistika, lunes, 14. enero 2019

Tizia was born and raised in Zürich/Switzerland where she started her working life with a bachelor degree in business as an office administrator. At the age of 24 she moved to the United States, New York City, where she was working as an office and restaurant manager for entrepreneurs.In 2013 Tizia traveled to India and made her first experiences with Yoga at the “Sivanada Yoga Vedanta Ashram” in Trivandrum. YOGA is an ancient spiritual practice coming from India and in Sanskrit language means “union”. Yoga triggered a curiosity to study and explore her own personality and behavior.
She started to integrate Yoga into her daily routine, by practicing Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.
In 2016 she traveled to Mexico where she did her yoga teacher training with her mentor and yoga inspiration Victor came and her professional working direction went from hospitality and administration in New York City to becoming a Yoga teacher in Tulum has been very imprinting on Tizia and she developed a passion as well for Reiki which is a form of energy healing and Thai massage.Now she is a traveler, with strong connections in New York, Tulum/Mexico and Switzerland.

Bodhi Flow with Tizia

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

viernes 29. marzo 2019
Bon Vivant Night at Amapola, Tulum

Bon Vivant Night at Amapola, Tulum

miércoles 09. enero 2019
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miércoles 10. abril 2019
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