24. agosto 2019 - 7:50 hasta 16:00

Career Development Day, ADEM Lobby, sábado, 24. agosto 2019

Print out your résumés and iron your clothes, you're going to the Career Development Day!
This event is the best opportunity to polish those soft skills, ask questions to full-time employees and kickstart your way to becoming a professional in the industry. Whether you're a lost freshman looking for guidance or a senior about to enter the workforce, this is the event for you! 
The event will feature various companies from Puerto Rico and the United States, so remember to come in business casual attire! Lunch will be provided. 
- Honeywell: How to nail your behavioral interview
- Medtronic: When Problems Arise: Strategies, Problem-Solving Tools, and
- Boston Scientific: Teamwork in the Workplace
- Amgen: Leadership development

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Career Development Day



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