CIID: Design for Future Casting (Lima – November 2019), Lima, miércoles, 20. noviembre 2019

Also join us for Design Thinking for Services in Lima August 28-30!
What big trends will impact our future? How can we re-envision our existing products and services to meet changing needs? How can we develop sustainable long-term strategies? 
In this workshop you will acquire the design and futures thinking tools necessary to proactively adapt to a world of accelerating change, develop new directions for your organisation and ensure new strategies and innovation are focused on the right goals. You will learn how to use Scanning and Implication Wheels to analyse the disruptive potential of global trends and the technologies shaping future needs. You’ll then use these insights and various scenario building methods to explore alternative versions of the future using the Impact Matrix and Growth Archetypes to identify which futures are more or less desirable. Finally you will use Backcasting to uncover the different pathways that could lead to a preferred future. You will uncover new opportunities for growth and innovation and leave with a clear understanding of the priorities for immediate and long-term action.

Tools and methods covered in the workshop
Trend Analysis through Horizon Scanning & Driver Mapping:We will gather and analyze a spectrum of ideas and trends shaping the future. We will learn to look for early warning signs that signal new or shifting patterns of change and will examine the drivers that are pushing towards and against these changes.
Futures Wheel:We will examine second- and third-order consequences of trends to understand the impact a change can have over time.
Impact Matrix:We will use the Impact Matrix to understand that trends don’t live in isolation, they are a combination of multiple changes, ideas and events colliding. The Impact Matrix will teach us how and why those different aspects collide to create new challenges and opportunities.
Alternative Futures Mapping:We will use the Four Futures method to identify how an issue, change, or event can evolve into the alternative futures of Growth, Collapse, Discipline, and Transformation - and we will uncover ways to live well within each future outcome. We will also identify which futures are more or less desirable and why and how to reframe challenges as opportunities.
Backcasting:We will use backcasting to map the different pathways, actions and indicators that could lead from the present to a preferred future. Here we will generate ideas of how you and your organisation would adapt to new future worlds.

This course is ideal for...
This workshop is designed for anyone creating or managing a business or product, decision-makers, and people who are responsible for strategic decision-making. Past participants have included business owners, design teams, innovation teams and senior management from industries such as finance, furniture, fashion, healthcare and media. No experience in design or foresight is necessary but participants will be expected to bring a critical, analytical, curious and collaborative mind.
Day 1: Morning– Explore the global trends and value shifts driving new directions for business and society– Learn how to conduct your own trend scanning to distinguish real signals of change from the noise
Day 1: Afternoon– Identify the systemic and cultural drivers and forces of change behind key trends– Engage with others in the group to leverage group insights
Day 2: Morning– Conduct a deep dive to unpack the challenges and opportunities associated with a trend of your choosing– Re-think challenges as opportunities
Day 2: Afternoon– Explore alternative versions of possible outcomes through a cross impact matrix– Compare a wide range of future scenarios to see how one trend interacts with another to create new possibilities
Day 3: Morning– Use 4 futures to challenge assumptions on growth and to understand what your preferred future looks like
Day 3: Afternoon– Build a timeline that identifies the key changes and steps needed between the present and the preferred future– Generate ideas of how you and your organisation would adapt to new future worlds

Angela Oguntala
Angela Oguntala is a founding partner at Greyspace, a design futures consultancy. She has led work in various spaces across culture, technology, and sustainability, with both Fortune 500 and small organizations. She is a Salzburg Global Fellow and a graduate of The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.
Luke Sturgeon
Luke is a designer, consultant, lecturer, and researcher. He is a founding partner at Greyspace where he applies design and futures thinking to organisations that challenge and inspire new ways of working. He has led global design teams and delivered new digital products, services and strategies across industries including Finance, Healthcare, Advertising, Fashion, Education, and Social Justice.

Testimonials from previous courses
"CIID did an excellent job at creating a course that can be valuable to different levels of experience. We could take away everything from broad strokes to tips and individual techniques. I really enjoyed the examples shared, and the hands-on approach that helped us move quickly into prototyping was great. The instructors were very flexible and tailored the content to our needs."– Senior Experience Designer, Wolff Olins 
"The workshop pushed us out of our comfort zone and organizational norm, where we would spend a lot of time debating rather than trying things out. It helped us shift the mindset of our business units to start testing potential solutions earlier and cheaper, rather than waiting until right before implementation when any change would cost a hundred times more."– Customer Experience Executive, Singapore Airlines

Cancellation and refund policy

Cancellations must be made in writing by email to If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Please provide the name and title of the substitute delegate at least 3 working days before the first day of the programme.
A full refund minus 10% administrative charge will be made for cancellation received 2 weeks (10 days) before the course. No refund will be made for cancellation after that.
“No shows” during event days are not considered cancellations. In this instance payment will not be returned.

Payment by invoice is possible – in that case please contact before purchasing.
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CIID: Design for Future Casting (Lima – November 2019)

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