English Conversation Club - Season 3, Caja de Pan, sábado, 07. diciembre 2019

The conversation club is meant for people with good English skills who want to practice and improve their Speaking and Listening skills through interesting and fun activities. The session, which is an excellent opportunity not only to practice English, but also for networking and meeting new people, is facilitated by an European Cambridge-certified English level of English? You can understand most of what's being said and you can ? In Breadbox - a cozy place in downtown Monterrey with delicious baked ? Every Saturday, at 3 PM.How long? The sessions last 2 hours. How much? 100 pesos. Parking? There are a lot of parking places in front of the bakery. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

English Conversation Club - Season 3



viernes 25. mayo 2018
Museo de Cera

Museo de Cera

domingo 03. diciembre 2017
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miércoles 20. diciembre 2017
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viernes 18. septiembre 2020
Diplomado Maquillaje Profesional
jueves 27. agosto 2020
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