Finding Self, Finding Love - Puerto Vallarta , Casa Alexandra, viernes, 19. junio 2020

Join us for Summer Soltice to bloom and shift the paradigm of the story that has had a hold on your life. If you are ready to reconnect to your truer self and expand your love and light then join us for Finding Self, Finding Love in Puerto Vallarta!
I guide participants through a series of meditations and reflections to gain greater insight of any emotional blocks or limiting beliefs that created a lived experience not in alignment with one's true self. The workshop focuses on the four core values: Love / Self Worth / Feeling Secure / Feeling Whole with a deep attention to the chakras to help unwind these stories. During Finding Self, Finding Love, participants will work with essential oils and asanas to support their journey as they reconnect to their true selves. By the end of the retreat, participants with tools to magnify love of self and deeper connection to truer self. Bring an open heart, open mind, a journal, and dress comfortably. There will also be opportunties to book a love limpia on site. 
The cost of the workshop includes:

Guided meditations and reflections to help participants gain greater clarity about how the core values of worthiness, security, wholeness, and love have taken root in their lives.

Participants will learn to unwind limiting beliefs and arrive to a truer sense of themselves, beginning to radiate more love of self and others.

Through Archetypal Reading participants will understand how they approach these core values.

Yoga throughout the workshop brings a deeper mindfulness of how these limiting beliefs have taken root in the bodies.

Cacao Ceremony to welcome Summer Solstice

Collective Love Limpias and Spontaenous Transformation sessions with sound bath

Most meals, snacks and beverages will be available throughout the retreat.

A set of body sprays made with therapeutic grade essential oils will be gifted to each participant

A selection of gemstones to help participants reconnect to their truer self will also be given.

A guide book will also be made available.

Lodging is double occupancy with each room having a private bathroom.

Space to unwind and enjoy the rooftoop pool

I aim to make Finding Self, Finding Love accessible. If there are ways you feel we could do better, please do not hesitate to reach out and be in dialogue with me. I am committed to learning + growing with you all. Also please inform host if you have any nut allergies or food allergies. We will be working with essential oils and some foods as well. 
Past Participants are saying about Finding Self, Finding Love
Theresa - "This is an amazing experience! Grounding, healing, and cathartic!"
#selflove #connecttohigherself #trueself #unwindlimitingbeliefs 

Finding Self, Finding Love - Puerto Vallarta



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