How to make money online blogging - Intensive Cancun, Cancun, miércoles, 13. febrero 2019

Hola, eso curso es en inglés! 

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In this webinar and course you will learn how to make money for your personal blog/website1. Placing advertisements on your site2. Affiliate advertising3. Selling print on demand merchandisethrough your website 
the other important things you will learn are How to gain more traffic to your website by 1. Easily changing your website descriptions so that it ranks on google 2.Get your site ready for SEO search engines3.How to perform and use keyword searchesto bring maximum traffic results. These will all be explained and more! 
This is a indepth course so please make sure you have the following list completed

Below are the 3 tasks that need to be completed before the beginning of the webinar

Join the Academy In Success Facebook page. Like the page, introduce yourself and write your questions/queries
Choose your niche (the topic for your website/blog) This needs to be something you are passionate about. Use the Facebook page for help if you need ideas or seem stuck or read this article for more ideas
Download beautiful free photosrelated to your niche check our emails from  “academy in success” for the websites to finde free photos 

The list below is optional but well worth completing for a fast advancement in your course and website

Have 2 topics ready about your niche to make articles from. Read this article to find how to write google ranked articles 
Have answers ready for these questions and share them on our Facebook page

QUESTION 1: How much money would you be happy earning?QUESTION 2: How much would you be ecstatic earning?QUESTION 3: And how much TIME are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?

How to make money online blogging - Intensive Cancun

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