Los Bambinos Present FIESTA LATINA, Bambinos Trattoria, viernes, 19. octubre 2018

On Fridays, 8pm enjoy Fiesta Latina! This is the show for an exquisite mix of rhythms andbeautiful vocals. It is a show just as spicy as it is sweet. Each song sweeps you away to aBrazilian Carnival or a romantic evening in an Old Mexican town square. Don’t be surprised ifyou hear your favorite Mexican tune set in a foot-tapping Cuban rhythm! Let Los Bambinosawaken your senses with vibrant music, and inspiring four-part harmonies.

Los Bambinos Present FIESTA LATINA

ifCon 2019 Registration

ifCon 2019 Registration

viernes 30. agosto 2019
The Wedding

The Wedding

viernes 14. junio 2019
interaction with feline cubs
viernes 26. octubre 2018
Seafood101 walk
martes 26. marzo 2019
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