Sacred Plant Healing Shamanic Traditional Ceremony , Alfredo V. Bonfil, martes, 10. diciembre 2019

Chaman Qinty 
We are a referral based experienc, your healing and wellbeing is a priority.
Shamanic Plant Healing Ceremonial Journey (Traditional)
Mayan Cacao Ice Bath Detoxification 
Sacred plant medicine can transform lives, heal souls, bring balance and harmony to life. This is important in living and fulfilling your life purpose and eternal light purpose. Do not fear your shadow, learn to master your own energies and conquer even the most difficult tests of your faith to bring peace and renewal back into life. Chaman Qinty and Bernice share our passion, art and love of healing and abundant opportunities, through the divine consciousness of our incredible Mother Earth and our loving omnipotent Creator. Now is that time to embrace your gifts and role in co-creation of the new earth!

Experienced, Professional and Attentive Double-Certified Holistic Shamans & Practitioners who are well versed in Aztec and Mayan Ceremonial Rituals and Sacred Healing CeremoniesFully SupervisedEffective Meditations for inducing a soft invitation of surrender and detachment from the outside Preparations of Ayahuasca Plant MedicineFull Head to Toe Mayan Cacao Ice Bath for full mind, body and soul detoxPrivate and Confidential Integration SessionsClosing Ceremonial MealCeremonial Journey EssentialsNote: Additional Ceremonial Overnight Accommodations and Journeys are available for $300 per additional day. 
12 Hour Healing Journey Schedule 
Welcome and Clinical Intake
Intake Review and Consultation
Retreat Property Tour 
Detachment Meditation 
Mayan Auric Cleanse 
Ceremonial Preparation 
Ceremonial Intention Guidance 
Plant Medicine Gratitude Prayer 
Plant Medicine Ceremonial Start 
Ayahuasca Ceremonial Vision Call 
Ayahuasca Journey Meditation 
Group Consciousness Meditation 
Reflective Awareness Activity 
Ceremonial Closing Meal 
Private Journey Integration Quántum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
Ceremonial Intention Guidance 
Plant Medicine Gratitude Prayer 

Sacred Plant Healing Shamanic Traditional Ceremony

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