THE DIVINE FEMININE ~ Sacred Women, a Bespoke Retreat in Tulum, Tulili Tulum, domingo, 02. febrero 2020

Your Feminine Spirit is Powerful & Divine

On 02/02/2020, we invite you to reconnect in the hidden jungle paradise of Tulum, Mexico.  To take a dive deep into your depths, all the while dancing under the moon, laughing with new friends and unleashing the divine sisterhood within us.  This six day immersion will focus on softening the chatter in your mind, empowering you to let go and move away from who you think you should be and what your life should look like.  You will set free the goddess within and experience your true & highest self by aligning your highest power.  All this while you revel in the fresh green jungle and are inspired by our Divine Feminine bespoke experiences.  
With the support of sisterhood & mother nature, this six day retreat will include various modules including: A cacao ceremony, daily breath work, yoga & body movement, an ancient Mayan Temazcal ritual, inspiring work shops, day trips to hidden sacred spaces, exploration of sound healing and rebirthing swims in private cenotes + other surprises.  You will also have time to enjoy the barefoot luxury of Tulum. 
Come and join us in this unforgettable journey as we reclaim that which is wildly abundant in us.

Early Bird Tier: Ends October 12th

     Triple Occupancy (3 Twins) - $1950 + fees
     Double Occupancy (2 Double) - $2150 + fees
     Single Occupancy (1 King or Queen) - $2550 + fees

Tier 2: Ends December 28th

     Triple Occupancy - $2100 + fees
     Double Occupancy - $2300 + fees
     Single Occupancy - $2700 + fees

Tier 3:  Ends January 26th

     Triple Occupancy - $2250 + fees
     Double Occupancy - $2450 + fees
     Single Occupancy - $2850 + fees

There are fees that are incurred when you book through Eventbrite.  You can also book directly through Venmo or PayPal without fees.  Contact/Text Linda at 720-495-4277.

THE DIVINE FEMININE ~ Sacred Women, a Bespoke Retreat in Tulum



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